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Troubled by mouth ulcers, try these home remedies, they will disappear forever

Mouth ulcers are very painful and painful. Due to ulcers, people have to face a lot of difficulty in eating and drinking. These blisters of yellow or white color often occur on our gums, tongue, cheeks and lips. There are many reasons behind the appearance of blisters, such as drinking less water or not having a clean stomach. Sometimes the blisters heal on their own. But when the infection increases, then many problems have to be faced from eating to opening the mouth. In such a situation, you can use these home remedies to cure them.


Antibacterial and antibiotic properties are found in honey. That’s why they reduce mouth ulcers easily. Apply honey on the ulcers 4-5 times a day. Drop the saliva out of the mouth after applying honey. By doing this the blisters will end.


Rich medicinal properties are found in turmeric. It is very effective in reducing your mouth ulcers. To use it, first take a few spoons of turmeric and make a paste by adding some water to it. Apply this paste on the ulcers two to three times a day. This will make your blisters disappear.

salt and lukewarm water

The antiseptic properties of salt are very effective in removing ulcers. Heat a glass of water and add some salt to it. Now gargle with this water in your mouth. Lukewarm water bakes the ulcers and salt reduces them.


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