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Twitter CEO unfollows Facebook CEO Zuckerberg

It’s not unusual to have a business rivalry between Facebook and Twitter, two of the world’s largest social media platforms. But a recent incident has revealed that there is a personal rivalry between the CEOs of Facebook and Twitter.

Of course, it’s not unusual that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey share differences on various issues. But on social media, one was following the other. Recently, the CEO of Twitter has taken the social media world along with unfollowing the CEO of Facebook.

Jack Dorsey has unfollowed Mark Zuckerberg on Twitter. Dorsey has unfollowed Zuckerberg in such a way that he has truly produced the wave.

Prior to unfollowing Zuckerberg, he had followed a Twitter account named @bigtechalert. This Twitter account monitors the follow-up and unfollowing activities of CEOs of technology companies. Zuckerberg is believed to have followed the account to let the world know that he had unfollowed Zuckerberg on Twitter.

@Bigtechalert tweeted immediately after receiving the follow-up from Jack. Shortly after that, @bigtechalert tweeted another, saying that Dorsey had unfollowed the Twitter account @finkd. The Twitter account is from Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO.

Immediately after the tweet that Dorsey unfollowed Zuckerberg, Twitter’s official account @twittercomms responded immediately to the tweet. In which Zuckerberg has not tweeted any of the accounts since 3 and his account cable has only 1 tweet.

Remember that social media platforms have different opinions on Twitter and Facebook CEOs on topics like freedom of expression, fake news and political advertising. Twitter has banned political advertising on its platform, but Facebook has argued that political advertising is part of freedom of expression.

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