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UML leader Karishma asked for votes for RPP candidate Rekha.

Kathmandu- Actress and UML leader Karishma Manandhar has asked for votes for RPP candidate Rekha Thapa. Rekha has become a member of the House of Representatives from Morang 3. In that area, Bhanubhakta Dhakal from UML and Dr. from Nepali Congress. Sunil Sharma has become a candidate. Dhakal is also the outgoing Member of Parliament of the same region.

Karisma has asked for votes for Rekha Thapa through social media rather than Dhakal, the candidate of her own party. Artists are an integral part of the nation. They are carriers of culture and traditions. Many artists have invested a lot of struggle and effort to build and develop this area. It has become a multi-crore investment sector. Now our step is to take our point to the main level of the state. A warrior participating in this struggle. I request Morang district to vote for Rekha Thapa,’ wrote Karisma. She asked Rekha to vote for artists and women.

Karishma UML entered before the local elections. However, UML did not give him any post at the local level, nor did he make him a candidate in the provincial and representative assemblies. She has not been very active in UML’s election campaign.


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