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Urvashi’s ‘Soil Therapy’


Bollywood actress Urvashi Rautela is popular because of her pictures. Although there is not much discussion in the film, his various activities are in the news.

Urvashi Rautela is also one of the actresses who takes expensive money in stage shows. Similarly, a picture posted by Urvashi on social media is now the most talked about.

She also posted a picture of the soil therapy and mentioned that it keeps the body clean. Stating that soil therapy is one of her favorite therapies, Urvashi mentioned that she is enjoying the soil on the shores of the Balearic Sea. She also said that the minerals found in this soil are good for the skin.

Urvashi writes, “Soil treatment cleanses the body, softens the skin, and reduces pain.”

This picture of Urvashi is going viral on social media. Her photo has received more than 1.3 million likes and thousands of reactions.