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US Open Worker Visa, Fill out the application

DV Lottery As the US government is about to fill out a laborer’s visa application. The US has been issuing visas for workers with applications like DV Lottery.

The US government has now begun registering electronically for divisions like Divi Lotteries. The application will be open from March 1 and will be filled by March 7.

The registration fee for the worker visa Hwanby will have to be $ 5.

This year, the US government has introduced a new rule on Hwana workers’ visas. Other than being electronically registered, the rule has been in place since 1929. The new law, which has been in force since that year, has made it more difficult for foreign workers who have not had an American degree.

But for American degree holders, it has been much easier than in the past. The US government has introduced a new worker visa rule to give preference to those seeking a degree in the United States. The applications of the registered workers will be selected through the lottery.

After that, the process has been informed that further process will be started from the selected applications. Workers selected from the application said they could be contacted directly at the US employer company.