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Valentine’s Day business, 1 lakh roses sold in general stores.


A crowd of youths was seen at the Archies Gift Shop near Darwar Marg in Kathmandu on Thursday. “Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing.

The glamorous atmosphere of Archie’s Gift Shop made it easy to understand the growing influence of Valentine’s Day. Almost all the gift shops in the capital had a large presence of young people.

Inside the gift shop, young men were looking for gifts to give to their girlfriends, while young women were also busy looking for gifts to give to their boyfriends.

The capital’s large and small gift shops and shopping malls have been decorated on the occasion of Valentine’s Day.

Sunil Thapa, a trader of Archie’s Gift Shop, said that a large number of cards were printed on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. He says that despite the development of digital technology, the consumption of cards has not decreased.

Thapa said that cards ranging from Rs 150 to Rs 800 are usually sold in his gift shop. “Even if there is no special Valentine’s Day offer, there is no shortage of customers coming to the store,” he said.

He said that even though it was more crowded than other days, the business was not as expected. “There is less trade than in the past. More and more roses, photo frames, love-shaped dolls, watches and other gifts are being sold, ‘Thapa said in an interview with KhabarHub.

Before Valentine’s Day, most of the gift shops in Kamaladi Chowk were decorated with different types of flowers.

Raju Lama, a trader in Kamaladi-based Flowers Zone, was busy packing flowers all day on Wednesday. Most of the packed flowers looked like ‘red roses’ and ‘amla leaves’ in the middle. Raju did not even have time to talk to the customers who came to the shop.

Lama, who has been running a flower shop for the past seven years, says that Love Day is a special day for him. “There is more business on Valentine’s Day than ever before,” says Lama. “We bring flowers 15-20 days in advance to sell on Valentine’s Day.”

According to Lama, roses are most consumed on Valentine’s Day. Lama says that roses are imported from India as there is not much production in Nepal.

Her shop sells an average of 100 roses a day. However, the day before Valentine’s Day, the order to buy 3,000 roses has arrived, said Lama.

According to florists, a rose costs Rs 100. Most people carry only one flower. However, some people also buy bouquets and bouquets made of 5 to 10 flowers.

According to the businessman, only 100,000 roses are sold on Valentine’s Day in a shop with an average daily turnover of Rs 10,000.

Gift shops also have a lot more business than other days. “On other days, there was a trade of Rs 8,000 to Rs 10,000. We expect 30,000 to 40,000 trades today, ”said the operator of a gift shop in New Road, Kathmandu.