Valentine’s Week Full List 2023: Rose Day, Propose Day to Kiss Day; significance and more explained about 7 days of love

A total of 9 days of Valentine’s week is a love story in itself, which is very interesting. Every day is special for a loving couple. Moreover, the days after the expression of love are more interesting.

Although loving couples gift their lovers flowers and teddy bears on Valentine’s Day, but do you know the story behind it? This is not just one day but a whole love story of 9 days, which we will tell you.

Prem Nai Prem from 7th to 14th February

The season of expressing love for couples starts from the day that ends in the first week of February. From February 7, boyfriend and girlfriend start creating atmosphere for February 14. Rose Day is celebrated on February 7, meaning lovers give roses to their girlfriends or to whom they are going to propose.

The next day i.e. on February 8, they propose to their girlfriend or boyfriend. A lot of preparation is done for this day and here it is decided whether their Valentine’s Day will be good or it will be spent in tears.

Then on February 9, whose proposal is accepted, he makes his partner happy by giving chocolates. After this comes Teddy Day on February 10. On this day, boys and girls express their love to their partner by giving them a teddy bear.

Then on February 11, they also take a vow to lead a long life. If all goes well, on February 12, they hug each other and celebrate Hug Day.

When intimacy begins to grow, on February 13, lovers express their love by kissing each other on Kissing Day. After this comes their real day i.e. Valentine’s Day. On February 14, they declare their love in front of the world and seem lost in each other.

Such is Valentine’s history

Love Day is especially popular among young people. This day is associated with the sacrifice of the priest Saint Valentine. The Roman Emperor Claudius II at the time feared that his military service would be affected if his soldiers engaged in love and marriage. That is why he forbade love in his kingdom. Saint Valentine, the priest of the same kingdom, believed that the emperor’s decision was against religion. He felt that even God was pleased with love and attraction within the confines of discipline. So Valentine inspired young women to fall in love and held mass weddings.

Saint Valentine was executed by the Emperor on February 14, 270 BC for disobeying his orders. In memory of that priest, the custom of celebrating this day as Pranay Diwas started. Who laid down his life for love.

When it was certain that Valentine would be killed, he wrote a letter to his wife Julia. At the end of the letter he wrote your Valentine. His wife planted an almond tree around his grave. The almond plant is still considered a symbol of love today.

This is an interesting story
It is said that there is neither geography nor caste in love. There is no limit in love. Love itself is omnipresent. In love, there is inner affection. There is only love in love. Neither is an obstacle. Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14. It is also known as western culture, i.e. culture. 14 February means love day. This day, which is celebrated especially in western countries, has been specially celebrated by the youth of Nepal for some years. Love Day is not easy to digest. It has also been found that other than the urban youth, it is a foreign festival which has only brought distortions. Perhaps Valentine’s Day is being celebrated in Nepal as well.

Why is Valentine’s Day celebrated? Who started it? Young people use this day as a day to express the love that they could not express to each other and couples in love make their love stronger. On this day, young people celebrate love day by exchanging red roses as gifts to their lovers.

How and where did it start? Its story is considered interesting. During the week-long ‘Love week’, there is a culture of celebrating each day in a different way. At this time, Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day and finally ‘Valentine’s Day’ is celebrated on February 14. The history of romantic days ‘Valentine’s Day’? The formal beginning of Valentine’s Day is believed to have started in Rome in 269 AD. Claudius II, the then emperor of Rome, forbade his soldiers to love and marry. Violating the emperor’s order, he publicly married many soldiers after the local priest St. Valentine spoke in favor of love.

He was executed on February 14, 70 CE for disobedience. In memory of that priest who sacrificed his life for love, Valentine’s Day is started to be celebrated. This day is celebrated as a festival all over the world. In Nepal, unlike openly talking about love, going with the opposite sex is not easily accepted in a positive way.

In the third century, there was a ruler in Rome, whose name was Claudius. He believed that when a man gets married, his strength and intelligence are lost. That’s why he announced in the state, “From now on, no officer or soldier will be allowed to marry.” However, Saint Valentine did not like this of Clodius at all.

He opposed the order. Saint Valentine encouraged everyone to get married. Made aware. During this time, some officers and soldiers got married. When Claudius was inspired by Saint Valentine to love and marry others contrary to his beliefs, an order was issued to imprison Valentine. He was imprisoned in the dungeon.

In the end, Saint Valentine was hanged. After hearing the execution order, Saint Valentine wrote a love letter to the jailer’s blind daughter. And underneath it he wrote, ‘Frame Your Valentine.’ Along with this, he lovingly sent a gift of flowers. Before his death, he told the jailer, “After I die, give my eyes to your blind daughter.”

The king hanged Valentine on February 14, 269. People started celebrating Valentine’s Day on this day in dedication to Valentine.

In the early days, Valentine’s Day was celebrated formally. At that time, heart-shaped cards made by the hands of lovers were exchanged. He would have expressed his feelings in it. Now ready-made cards have covered that place. In western countries, after Christmas, it is said that Valentine’s Day is the most time to exchange cards with each other.

Earlier, February 14, i.e. one day, was called Valentine’s Day. Now this festival is celebrated throughout the week. It starts from Rose Day.

Giving roses, then proposing, then giving chocolates, then giving teddys, then making promises, then hugging and finally celebrating Valentine’s Day. This series starts from February 7. February 7 is celebrated as Rose Day, February 8 as Propose Day and other days and rituals.


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