Very hot food affects the intestines: Dr. Paudel.
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Very hot food affects the intestines: Dr. Paudel.

Kathmandu. In winter, the taste of eating hot food is doubled. After drinking hot tea, spit, coffee, tea, the life becomes tight. Sometimes we need so much hot food that our mouth cannot bear it.

But does very hot food have any effect on the mouth, tongue, esophagus, stomach? We have asked these questions, stomach and liver disease specialist Dr. With Legislative Fund Paudel.

Does it affect the digestive system?

Homeostasis brings balance to whatever food we eat. The function of homeostasis is to bring it to 37 degrees Celsius regardless of eating cold or hot food. Therefore, eating very hot food can cause immediate health problems rather than long term ones.

As soon as hot food enters the mouth, the skin of the mouth burns. It is difficult to swallow hot food and regurgitation is also done. Food up to a certain temperature can be tolerated by the tongue. But the gums or the skin inside the mouth is very sensitive and gets irritated by heat.

Such food cannot be kept in the mouth for a long time, we swallow it. Now it can affect the throat. There is a fear of burning or making a wound. The surface of the esophagus, stomach and large intestine becomes softer and more sensitive. Eating too much food can affect all of these.

A kind of acid is also produced in the stomach for digestion. If this acid is too much or if the food is not balanced, there is a risk of stomach ulcers or ulcers. Therefore, eating very hot food does not heat up the body.

Dr. Legislature Paudel
How or what temperature to eat?

In winter, coffee, tea, soup, thukpa etc. are eaten very hot. Eating hot food that burns the mouth is harmful. As much as possible, you should eat as hot as your mouth can tolerate. It should also be swallowed after playing it in the mouth for a moment.

Does very hot food affect the teeth?

Yes, teeth are also very sensitive. Very cold or very hot food directly affects the teeth. Whatever food you eat, it affects your teeth.

Very hot drinks or foods can destroy the natural enamel of the teeth. Due to this, the teeth may gradually weaken, wear, and grind.

How does the tongue tolerate very hot food?

As soon as you eat hot food, the first thing that hurts is the tongue. The skin of the tongue may be inflamed and irritated. You can experience it yourself, after eating very hot food, the tongue will tingle. This situation may last for a few days.

Is it difficult to digest very hot food?

There is no special problem for digestion. Because it takes a long time to reach the state of digestion. The temperature of the food is balanced as it passes through the mouth, throat, esophagus, and stomach.

Food stays in the stomach for five hours. By then, the body has made a balance that can tolerate heat or cold. However, too much hot food causes gastric problems.

Is there any amount of hot food to eat?

The normal temperature of our body is 37 degrees Celsius. Foods with a temperature of 37 to 50 can be eaten chilled or warm.