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Want to increase sexual desire

१. Goblet:

An element called lycopene, which turns the goblet into red, helps to increase sexual desire in humans. It also protects men from the risk of prostate cancer.

1. Bedding:

Regular intake of Palungo greens will increase sexual arousal as well as increase blood flow to the vagina.

३. Ladyfinger:

Bindi contains various types of vitamins and zinc, whose regular intake eliminates the problem of sexual intercourse and improves sexual function.

४. Onion:

Onions are very beneficial for health. Its consumption improves the health of the genitals and helps to regulate sexual desire.

५. Broccoli:

The nutrients found in it increase the sexual potential and are beneficial for overall health.

६. Garlic:

Garlic has a depressing quality that improves blood flow to the body and prevents contraction flow to the blood vessels.

७. Carrots:

Carrots contain an abundance of vitamin A, which helps to produce sperm in men. Regular intake helps to make men look more sensual and attractive.

८. Gantamula:

It contains a large amount of nitrate, which increases blood flow to the vagina and brings intelligence to the sex. Its intake helps in hormone balance and improves sexual health.

In addition, it is equally important to pay special attention to Khanan. It is best to reduce the intake of more sour, sour, sour, spicy foods.