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We are against making a film soon: Deepak Raj.

Producer and artist Deepak Raj Giri has said that they are not thinking that the film should be made and released soon.

Talking to the media, Deepak said, “There is a proverb in the village saying, ‘Heat first, heat the beed first.’ You can’t just heat it. The atmosphere should be good for the film first. Movies are entertainment. It is a matter of connecting only after the basic needs of the people have been met. People are not in a hurry to watch movies right now when public life is disrupted due to Kovid. So, we don’t think we should rush into it. ‘Deepak argues that the producer should not rush to make the film as the number of corona infections is increasing.

Therefore, Deepak says that they are not in favor of making a film immediately.With the end of the government’s crackdown, only 18 films have been licensed by the Film Development Board. Some filmmakers have already announced their intention to make a film through the media. He plans to start filming as soon as the government gives permission. However, Deepak-Deepa’s team has said that they have not thought of making a film immediately.


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