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“We were scared when we saw Corona at home,” says Janhvi.

Actress Janhvi Kapoor said that she was very scared after seeing the corona virus in her house. A few weeks ago, two people working at his house tested positive for corona.

However, she said that after the corona virus was removed, family members became more aware. Janhvi also said that she has shouldered the entire responsibility in such a situation.

Talking to Indian media, Janhvi said, “We were all enjoying the lockdown after the corona virus. After a long time, our family members became one. When a case of corona virus was found in our house, we were scared for 5-6 days. This incident was also amazing for us. Because none of our family members went out. ‘

“After seeing Corona’s case, I started spending a lot of time with my father,” Janhvi said. I began to care for my father more than ever. At night, I would always run to get hot water for him. ‘Janhvi’s father Bonnie Kapoor was very happy with Janhvi’s behavior. Bonnie even started calling Janhvi the ‘headmaster of the house’.


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