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What Apu Biswas said about meeting Shakib in the United States

Dhallywood superstar Shakib Khan is currently staying in the United States. Shakib’s first wife Apu Biswas is there along with his son Abraham Khan Joy. Recently, Shakib-Apu was caught on camera together in the US.

After the release of “Priyatma” on Eid-ul-Azha, Shakib Khan secretly flew to the US. After a few days, Apu Biswas took a flight to the United States; He took his son Abraham Khan Joy with him.

In a recent video footage, Shakib Khan is seen driving in a very cheerful mood. Apu Biswas is sitting right next to him. Their son Abraham Khan Joy is sitting in the back seat.

In another video footage, Shakib Khan is coming out of McDonald’s in New York holding his son Joy’s hand, Apu is also with him. They then crossed the street and got into a parked black car.

Many people think that Shakib-Apu is going to forget the old past and get together again as they flew to the United States and were caught on camera together in the United States. Shakib Khan has previously received a green card to live in the United States. It is believed that Apu took Biswas and Joy to the United States as his spouse. Maybe they will start the chapter of family life there.

But Apu Biswas said, it is not like that. The actress went to the US to participate in an event. And he met Shakib the day after he set foot in the United States. Daily Prothom Alo online edition said this in a report.

About the US visit, Apu Biswas said, “The most important thing is that our child Joy has come to the US for the first time. The surroundings are new to him. Going to new places with her father, Joy is enjoying the time. Even in Bangladesh, he goes out with his father. But he is enjoying the time out here and spending some time with his parents together.”

It is known that Shakib Khan greeted Apu-Joy after landing at the US airport on July 13. However, without telling the truth, Apu said, “I was received by those on whose invitation I came here to participate in the event.”

When asked when she met Shakib in the United States, the actress told Prothom Alo, “I met and talked with Shakib the day after coming to the United States.” After that, Shakib is roaming around with his son. The boy is shown walking around in beautiful places. Taking shopping. Sometimes I am with you. That’s the thing.”

Meanwhile, many of their fans have made various comments under the video of Shakib-Apu’s frolic on social media. Taking these comments positively, Apu said, “Earlier in the afternoon, Shakib and I went to McDonald’s with our children. The video was probably taken from another car while leaving. I saw it on Facebook. I’m also seeing comments from fans surrounding both of us. Most are positive. I think fans are like family members of stars. I look at the feedback of fans positively. Fans want anything good from their favorite star. I always put the words of the fans first.”

Most of the fans of the two stars want Shakib-Apu to be together again. When asked how much he is giving importance to this request of the audience, Apu Biswas kept a secret and said, “Look, it is difficult to tell when the situation will happen.” Better not to comment on this now. Time tells everything, determines everything. Let’s see what happens.”

about Apu Biswas marriage life

Shakib-Apu got married in 2008. But both kept the news under wraps. Their child Joy was born in Kolkata in 2016. Then in 2017, Apu broke a pot in a market live on TV. Appeared with children and brought everything to light. Shakib was angry at this incident. Distance increases with Apu. Nor a result of which they got divorced.

Shakib started “chapter two” with Bubli after breaking up with Apu Biswas after a long ten-year marriage. Shakib Khan married Bubli on July 20, 2018. The actor kept it a secret like after his first marriage. Their child Shehzad Khan Bir was born on March 21, 2020. In September last year, Bubli made the matter of marriage public by publishing pictures with children. Since then, the deterioration of Shakib-Bubli’s relationship can be seen.

At that time, Shakib said that he will not have a relationship with any of his wives. He also told about the separation with his second wife Bubli. However, Bubli claims that they are not separated. no contact

Since then, there has been intense analysis about who Shakib will return to. Apu-Bubli compete to show “love” to Shakib. They kept pointing at each other and talking. At some point it started openly.

At this time, Shakib started showing a positive attitude towards Apu Biswas. Apu wished all the best for Shakib’s “Priyatma” released this Eid. On the contrary, Shakib congratulated Apu for his “Lalsari”. It was then that it became very clear that Shakib-Apu were one.

However, none of them commented on Shakib-Apu joining together. There was no response from Shabnam Bubli either. However, various images of Shakib-Apu-Jay’s new family arranged in New York are now viral on Facebook.


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