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What are the Bollywood star Shah Rukh’s kids doing?

Yashraj Films had decided to invest in the high-budget film, but after hearing rumors that Sushant would be given the lead role in the film, Yashraj Films did not want to take the ‘investment risk’. Preparations for the movie ‘Pani’ have been stopped. It is estimated that Sushant was deeply traumatized by the investors’ reluctance or disbelief. No matter how true this assumption was, that’s one thing.

However, it is not credible that Sushant has been made a ‘millionaire’ in Bollywood due to nepotism and familism. Because Yash Chopra’s son, Aditya Chopra’s brother Uday Chopra also tried to commit suicide a few years ago. He was depressed about his ‘career’.

There are many such examples in Bollywood. From Tussar Kapoor to Imran Khan are now empty handed. Bollywood may not be completely untouched by Natabad, Parivarbad. However, these “isms” are no exception in every field. Wherever it is rooted in some form or another. However, there are countless examples of talented artists breaking the cycle of these ‘isms’ and shining in Bollywood. A close example is Manisha Koirala.