What is IMAX? What is different from the usual film?

Christopher Nolan’s film ‘Oppenheimer’ is being discussed a lot around the world. This film has been screened all over the world including Nepal since Friday. Halls are running house full. Along with the Hollywood film ‘Oppenheimer’, IMAX is also being discussed a lot.


According to the production side, the film was shot with IMAX cameras. Meanwhile, the question of what is an IMAX suite has started to arise in the mind of the audience. How are films released in IMAX format different from regular ones?

First of all, you should know about ‘Oppenheimer’. This film American physicist J. It is a biopic of Robert Oppenheimer. The inventor of the first atomic bomb was none other than the American physicist Oppenheimer, on whom director Christopher Nolan made this film.

South FilmsNow let’s get back to the topic, what is IMAX technology? What are the movies shot with IMAX cameras and what are the movies you enjoy in IMAX theaters? Before answering these questions, let’s come to the film ‘Noop’ which was released in 2022, this film is a good example of a film shot with IMAX cameras.


This American film was directed by Jordan Peele. Dutch-Swedish cinematographer Hoyte van Hoytema shot the film in IMX format. ‘Oppenheimer’ was also drawn by Hoyte van Hoytema.

As the film ‘Nope’ was shot with IMAX cameras, similarly the film ‘Top Gun’ was shot for IMAX. That is, by going to the IMAX theater, you can enhance its experience even more.

what are the movies you enjoy in IMAX theaters?

Dhoom 3, produced under the banner of Yash Raj Films in India, is the first Hindi film to be released in IMAX. This film was made in IMAX format. When the audience watches a film in IMAX, the experience is expanded. Besides the quality of the film being HD, the audience will be able to feel its every scene. For example, in the water scene, it looks like you are drowning in it. Sometimes your chair will start shaking according to the scene.

What is IMAX? What is different from the usual film? 1IMAX is an advanced viewing technology. High-resolution film up to 70 mm can be viewed through it. The Canadian company that invented IMAX is IMAX Corporation. This company was established in 1967. The literal meaning of this technique is ‘Image Maximum’.

In the IMAX theater you get a whole new experience with a wide screen and excellent audio quality. With high-tech speakers, you feel that you are a part of the film and reach that fantasy world. The picture and audio quality of IMAX is better than that of a normal theater. IMAX screens are also bigger than usual.

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If the producer wants to release the film in the IMAX theatre, he must first get the certificate. In India, films like ‘RRR’, ‘Pathan’, ‘Mission Impossible 7’ have been released in IMAX. According to the report, there are 2,323 IMAX theaters operating in India. But releasing in IMAX and filming with IMAX cameras are two different things. A 65 mm camera is used to shoot such films.

Some examples of IMAX cameras are, Ari Alexa LF, Ari Alexa Mini LF, Panavision Millennium DX 2, Red Ranger Mostro.

SS Rajamouli’s film ‘RRR’ was shot in IMAX in India. According to the report, RRR was shot with Ari Alexa LF camera which is confirmed by IMAX. IMAX uses 70mm film, while 35mm film is sufficient for normal shoots. Talking about the screen size, the size of IMAX is 22mm x 16mm. In normal theaters 16 Mx6.1 M i.e. 3.5 times difference in size of both.


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