What is intimacy to a woman

What is intimacy to a woman, But some things are given in Kamasutra from which one can know the depth of their mind. This is the book that has more information about sex and sexual relations. Here we are presenting the same thing.

1, Some special qualities of men are attractive to women
Kamasutra is a text written by Acharya Vatsyayana between 400 BC and 200 AD. It has a lot to say about the best position during sex. It is also said that what kind of men women like.


According to the Kamasutra, women like certain men’s qualities so much that they are immediately ready for physical relations with them. So let’s find out which men are more successful in attracting women.

What is intimacy to a woman with details list

1, Strong and broad chest

Men with strong and broad chests are more attractive to women during intercourse. Living with them makes women feel both safe and attractive.

2, quiet, serious but open man

Women are more attracted to men who are serious and open minded. They feel safe to be in a relationship with such a man.

3, Lover of sentiment

They mingle quickly with men who appreciate and respect women’s feelings and prefer to stay with them.

4, ambitious and enthusiastic

Kamasutra says that enthusiastic and ambitious men are very attracted to women. Women accept the requests of such men because of their attractiveness.

5, scholars and admirers

Women are quickly attracted to men who have qualities that compliment women in addition to being learned. Men who are poets, storytellers, lyricists, musicians attract them.

6, powerful and kind

If men are kind and powerful, women are attracted to them. Such men attract women instantly.


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