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What is the fruit of worshiping which Shivalinga in Sharwan ?


In Sharwan , Lord Shiva has special mercy for his devotees. Lord Shiva is the only deity who, if pleased, bestows wealth equal to Kubera, and if angry, possesses the power to consume the entire universe.

In order to get the grace of Shiva, one has to anoint and worship Shivalinga especially in Shravan. Each Shivalinga of Shiva has its own significance. Find out which blessings Shiva devotees get while worshiping which Shivalinga.

1. Paro’s Shivling

The Shivalinga of Paro is worshiped the most. While worshiping this Shivalinga, there is a religious belief that Lord Shiva will soon be pleased and give all blessings.

2. Shivling of gold

There is a religious belief that worshiping the golden Shivalinga will bring prosperity to Shiva seekers.

3. Silver Shivalinga

Worshiping a silver Shivalinga is believed to increase the store of wealth in the homes of Shiva devotees.

4. Shivling of brass

It is believed that worshiping or anointing a brass Shivalinga will destroy the poverty of Shiva devotees.

5. Iron Shivalinga

Iron Shivalinga is worshiped for special achievements.

6. Shivling of pearls

It is believed that worshiping the pearl Shivalinga will bring happiness to the woman and increase the happiness of the seeker’s wife.

7. Shivling of crystal

Worshiping the Shivalinga made of crystal fulfills the long awaited desire of the seeker.

8. Shivling of flowers

If one desires ancestral property or any house or land, worshiping the Shivalinga of flowers in Shravan brings the blessing of real estate.

9. Shivalinga of Egypt

If you want to get rid of any disease or grief, it is very beneficial to worship the Shivalinga made of Egyptian. There is a religious belief that worshiping the Egyptian Shivalinga will cure the disease.

10. Shivling of Kapoor

If the Shivalinga of Kapoor is worshiped or anointed according to the law, the seeker gets the blessing of devotion and salvation.