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What the couple must hide from each other

Basically Husband and wife should share everything with each other. They should be open and transparent to each other. You have to be confident in what you feel. In this way, it is the interactive relationship between them that sustains love and trust in married life. We think so. But do you have to share everything with your husband or wife? Is it fair to share everything with each other?

There are some things that need to be kept confidential. If such things are shared with each other, the relationship will not be strong, but there will be fear of others getting worse. What are the things that a couple must hide from each other?

Bad thing about your own family

It is not appropriate for a husband or wife to talk negatively about their family. It is not a good habit for family members to point out faults, weaknesses, make comments, and do things that insult the dignity of the family. Family matters should be kept as secret as possible. The habit of pointing out the faults and weaknesses of family members and making negative comments about them can trap the marital relationship.

The character of others will be killed

It is also not appropriate for a husband or wife to make negative comments about the other’s character. Whether it’s family members or neighbors, friends or office colleagues. Making negative comments about their character is a bad thing in itself. So when you point your finger at another’s character, your partner’s attitude towards you can become bad.

Therefore, it is not appropriate to comment in a way that kills the character of another. It is not necessary for the couple to share the personal character of family members, neighbors, and friends. It is better to talk about one’s own behavior than to spend time discussing the character of others.

Not to compare with others

Husbands and wives have different expectations of each other. However, it is not appropriate to compare your partner with others just like Flanno. Suppose you have pointed out some weaknesses in your partner. Commenting on these shortcomings in comparison to other people can cause you to lose hope and trust in each other.

Not all people are perfect in themselves. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. It’s not fair to blame your partner. It is better to remain silent on such matters.

A matter of insult

The couple does not need to share their insults with each other. Such things can make your partner even sadder. Can cause inferiority complex So if you have an insult, it is not appropriate to share it.

What helped

Suppose you helped your relatives, neighbors, friends. There may be financial support, there may be material support. It is not appropriate to tell such things to your partner. Because support is to be given with an open heart. If someone is helped in this way, it is not necessary to keep preaching.


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