WhatsApp introduces ‘screen sharing’ feature for beta users on Android

For its Android beta users, WhatsApp is introducing the intriguing new feature “screen sharing.” The addition of “screen sharing” will improve user experience and offer a more efficient means of communication. Users can now share their screens with others using this new feature, enabling them to view any documents, pictures, or other content they have on their device in real time from their screen.

Beta users must tap on the attachment icon in a chat and choose “Screen Share” in order to start screen sharing. The recipient will be able to see the sender’s screen once it has been activated. It’s important to note that at the moment, this feature is only accessible to Android WhatsApp beta users.

You can now edit messages you’ve already sent using a new feature on WhatsApp, the instant messaging service owned by Meta. Simply long-press the desired message and select the Edit option from the menu to make changes. Only the first 15 minutes after a message is sent can text be edited.

In order to ensure transparency and prevent any covert actions, when you edit a message that has already been sent, it will be marked as “Edited” when viewed by others. The actual edit history won’t be visible, though.


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