When Govinda chanted Gayatri Mantra 24 lakh times, Mahamrityunjay jaap 60 lakh times

Bollywood’s ‘Raja Babu’ i.e. Govinda once shocked everyone in Bollywood due to his stardom. There was a time when Govinda’s name alone made a film a super hit. Even big stars were afraid to release their films in front of Govinda.

Govinda started his career in the year 1986 with the film ‘Ilzaam’. His next film ‘Love Dot’ was released in the same year. Both the films became super hits at the box office. However, the film ‘Shola Aur Shabnam’, released in 1992, got Govinda the comedy king medal. Govinda, who acted in more than 165 films in his career, achieved success at a young age. He always credits his mother for that.

According to Govinda, he chanted 24 lakh Gayatri mantras at the age of only 14 years. “Whatever I got, I got from the blessings of my parents. I especially take my mother’s name because when I was 14 years old. At that time mother told me to worship Gayatri. I performed 24 lakh Gayatri Upasana. I was never seen as a hero. But after chanting the Gayatri mantra, I started looking like a hero”, he said.

Govinda signed 50 films at the age of just 22. Such an incident has never happened in the Mumbai film industry. After signing so many films, a magazine did a cover story on Govinda, calling him ‘the hen that lays golden eggs’.


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