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Which film is the audience preparing to release after the opening of the hall?

The Government of Nepal has indicated that the hall will be opened only a few days ago. At the same time, the exhibitors are also engaged in internal preparations. Halls that have been closed for the past six months are expected to reopen ten years in advance. Chairman of the Film Development Board Dayaram Dahal is also taking initiative in this regard. The Film Producers Association, Film Association is also taking initiative to make the film sector run smoothly.

However, the question is which film will be released if the government opens the hall a decade ago. So far, no film other than ‘Lakshmi Puja’ has been promoted for decades. Therefore, it is certain that the producer will not be ready to release the film in decades without publicity.

Producers of films made before the lockdown are not thinking of releasing their films immediately. They are saying that they will not rush to release the film unless there is a guarantee of investment from exhibitors and distributors. In such a case, the demonstrator has a problem of what to release as soon as the solution is opened. Even in Bollywood, very few films are ready for release. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Madhusudan Pradhan, president of the Film Association, says that everyone should move forward together in this situation. He said, “We are also making internal preparations for this.” Some filmmakers are also preparing for the release of the film. Therefore, we will sit down and resolve this issue. ‘

He also expressed the expectation that the audience would come after the opening of the hall. Stating that the hall businessman was also in trouble when the hall was closed for a long time, he argued that the producers should also facilitate the film sector in this situation. Pradhan said, “It is not justifiable to demand MG, investment is safe at such a time.” If the film industry belongs to all of us, it is our responsibility to take it forward. ‘

Since the business of the film will be good in the decade, if the hall is opened at this time, the exhibitors will also get some relief. However, the producers of the films that are ready for release say that they are not thinking of releasing the film right now and throwing an ax at their feet. Therefore, the problem of what to run even if the hall is open to film exhibitors seems to arise sharply.


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