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Who is Jr. NTR’s wife Lakshmi? Arranged marriage at the age of 18, mother of two children, and real-life glitter.

Lakshmi Pranathi

South’s megastar Jr. NTR (Junior NTR) has toured extensively. The song “Naatu Naatu” from his film RRR, Mache bhi kyun na aakhir, has won the Golden Globe Award. This moment is special not only for Junior NTR but for his entire family and all the  suckers.   This is the first time in two decades that a song from a film in Indian cinema has won the Stylish Original Song Golden Globe Award. And Junior NTR wasn’t the only one there to enjoy the moment. His  woman

Lakshmi Pranati was also with him. She was looking  veritably beautiful in a black velvet gown. Nobody can tell she’s a mother of two children in her thirties just by looking at her. Lakshmi is  veritably  conservative about fitness.   Still, it’s nothing special. If you take a look at Junior NTR’s love story, Junior NTR married Lakshmi with the  concurrence and choice of her parents. When Junior NTR got married, he was 26 years old. Whereas,  woman
Lakshmi was 18 at the time. In 2011, both of them got married according to the custom. That is, there’s a difference of 8 times between the two. It’s said in the news that not only family and Musketeers but also the  suckers of Junior NTR were involved in this marriage. About 12 thousand  suckers were a part of their marriage. The wedding was also held during a grand festival worth 100 crores. Talking about  woman

Lakshmi has studied in Hyderabad. His father, Srinivasa Rao, is a businessman. Along with this, they also have a Telugu channel. Lakshmi came into the  spotlight only when she was married to Junior NTR. No one knew him before this.  Lakshmi should step away from the spotlight for a while. There are numerous opportunities with Junior NTR. Nonetheless, she has a great friendship with Ram Charan’s wife, Upasana. Lakshmi and Junior NTR have two sons. Lakshmi gave birth to her first son in 2014, whose name is Abhay Ram. At the same time, he ate  the alternate son in 2019, whose name is Bhargav Ram. Lakshmi looks  veritably fit in real life. Although she’s always seen in traditional outfits, she was seen in a black gown at the Golden Globes. Junior NTR has appeared in some prints with his woman that have gone viral on social media.


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