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Why are people stressed?

Words like ‘stress’, ‘tension’, ‘depression’ are often heard from many people’s mouths. If you start looking, it will be difficult to find a person who is not stressed. Many argue that there is no person without stress.

Many factors are responsible for causing stress. For example, problems in relationships, illness for some, debt for some, unemployment for some, promotion for some, too much work for some, no work for some. From small work pressure to big losses, people get stressed.

According to doctors, the stress caused by the ups and downs in people’s daily life also causes upheaval in the body’s hormones. Hormone specialist Dr. Vinay Bhatrai says, ‘Stress affects various hormones in the body. Stress hormones are also present in the body, when a person is stressed, those hormones are activated.

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Which hormones are responsible for stress?

Dr. According to Bhattarai, the body needs energy to work continuously. Stress also interferes with the hormones Why are people stressed? 2that bring those energies into balance. Stress causes changes in various hormones in the human body. When stressed, the sympathetic nervous system is activated. Along with that, cortisol hormone is released in the body. Cortisol hormone causes stress and also plays a role in controlling it, so it is also called stress hormone, he said.

What is cortisol hormone?

According to the Cleveland Clinic Organization of America, cortisol is a steroid hormone. Cortisol is produced and released by the endocrine glands above the kidneys. The pituitary gland in the brain also increases the production of the stress hormone ‘cortisol’. It affects most parts of the body.

Mainly, when there is stress, hormones are not only released, but also balance the stress. Cortisol is found in many cells of the body, so its function is different based on that. Deepak Mohan Mall says.

‘Strengthening memory, controlling fats, proteins and carbohydrates, strengthening memory, controlling blood pressure, preventing swelling of organs, helping to control the process of waking up and sleeping, maintaining the balance of salt and water in the body, it is also helpful in controlling blood pressure. ,’ says Malla.

According to him, it is good to produce cortisol, but if you keep stressing daily, the hormone gets out of control and promotes chronic diseases.

Why are people stressed? 3Dr. Bhattarai says, ‘Increased production of cortisol affects blood pressure, lowering morale, glucose levels, weight gain, body development and the immune system. Catecholamine hormone production increases due to constant stress. As a result, diabetes, heart disease, sleep problems, mental illness, ovarian problems and fertility problems can occur.” They say

Dr. can cause changes in libido and menstrual cycle in women when the amount of cortisol in the blood increases. Bhattarai says.

Cortisol deficiency can also be a problem.

Both excess and deficiency of cortisol hormone are harmful to health. According to an article on hormones published in International General John Hopkins Medicine, problems such as Addison’s disease, autoimmune system (a disease that weakens the immune system) reduce the body’s cortisol. The result may be the problem of ‘primary adrenal insufficiency’ disease. It is a rare type of autoimmune disease, due to which there is a risk of damage to the adrenal gland. Although its symptoms start slowly, they can become very serious over time. Adrenal deficiency can lead to fatigue, muscle weakness, weight loss, mood swings and skin changes.

What to do when stressed?

Psychiatrist Dr. Dr. Basu Karki says. “Excessive stress causes depression and anxiety, so to control it, take long breaths as soon as you get stressed, repeat the release process, listen to energizing and inspiring music, go for a walk, meditate and also prioritize yoga,” suggests Karki.


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