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Why do the elderly hear less?

Our ears have three parts in particular. Outer part, middle part and inner part. It is through the coordination of these three parts that we hear anything. As the age increases, the nerves in the inner part of the ear become damaged in old age, which reduces the hearing ability.

No one suddenly loses hearing in old age. This problem appears gradually with age. At first the voice is heard, but it is not clearly understood. Then there is also the problem of not hearing well in noisy places and gradually decreasing hearing.

It is not the case that 100% of people with old age will lose their hearing ability. Half of people aged 75 years have hearing loss. By the age of 80, many people will have this problem, and by the age of 90, almost everyone will have this problem. This problem does not appear in everyone at the same age, it can vary according to age. This problem starts in some people from the age of 40.

Avoidance :There is no technology that can prevent or reverse hearing loss in old age. But if other causes of hearing loss are treated early, the problem of hearing loss in old age can be reduced. If you do not live in a place where there is a lot of noise pollution, do not take medicines that affect the ears, and if you have an ear infection, if you treat it in time, you can reduce the effects of the problem of hearing loss.

This problem can appear quickly in people who use earphones a lot and live in noise. People who use earphones a lot will gradually lose their hearing. Listening to sound through earphones for a long time reduces the hearing power. Even in people who live in noise pollution and a lot of noise, the problem of hearing loss may appear faster than other people.

Treatment :Hearing impaired people are treated according to their needs. If such a problem is seen in young people, hearing aids are given to help them hear the sound. Another treatment method is ‘rehabilitative’ sign language and spoken language is taught. Through hearing and this sign language, it is easier for the hearing impaired to understand. This problem cannot be treated by taking medicine.

Something to note :A person who is hard of hearing speaks slowly, speaks loudly and comes closer. You should know that your family and people around you are hard of hearing. So that they do not feel uncomfortable.

Speaking from a distance and in a small voice makes them more stressed. So, to make them feel comfortable, you should approach them and speak in a slightly louder voice. It is important for the close person to know that the hearing of the elderly has decreased due to age.


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