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Why don’t producer get paid on time?


Production Rohit Adhikari’s milk 20 million Hart rump distributor’s film complained that he did not get a dry place for one year. Social media and media are heating up after the FD company and some of the halls of Kathmandu issue did not get the money.

The movie is also a product of 10 months of distribution. I am sorry that I did not get your share. The distribution company FD could not cause the problem due to the unacceptable acceptance option Kobid.

As you can see on social media, the real war is raging between production rights officer and hall operator Gopalkaji Kasthivich. Rohit has told Gopal to pay Rs. 1,000 as interest. Gopalkaji has not paid a single rupee.

However, this is not the first time that screenings of Nepali films have not been shared. Every movie has a performance problem to this day. However, no cash bar has been padded from the movie at once.

The movie ‘Mero Mero Hazur Le’ had a bumper trade at the box office. But, its product has to wait a year for your stock to rise. Construction Nilla Kumar Thapa says – ‘I set aside your account distributor wood only to be fully available. The distributor did not lose money from some halls. The film, which has not only produced 3 months of eviction property, has not been fully available for a month. But, I got the share of ‘Mero Mero Hazur 2’ in 4 months. ‘

Deepak Raj Giri was a happy person as soon as the share price of ‘Chakka Panja 3’ was raised. Waiting for another hit movie for a hit movie Rasalmika is the Connect Valentine movie clip close.

Distributors and hall operators are countries that have seen each other because of the lack of continuous sharing of films. A distributor, speaking on condition of anonymity, said, “Rumors do not pay for various external passengers.” Well, the problem of cash in movies has never been solved? It has been kept in the bank for some time but is the interest true? ‘

Measurement during production is also supervised by the distributor. Hall operator distributor cannot work double. Distributors are often an accessible brigade. 2.0 Even the distributor does not raise money when there is no solution. On the other hand, the distributor may also release a movie Ramil. After that, the film distributor did not have to pay until the movie was released.

If the production of film investment is not saved, the film sector will not grow. In the same way, even if there is some money to be made homeless, it is really necessary in this world, except for production, distributor and director.