Why is it important for men to know about menstruation?

Menstruation, A few days ago, a news came from Ulhasnagar in Maharashtra, a 12-year-old girl got her period for the first time. Her clothes were stained with menstrual blood. Brother saw blood stains

He did not think that his 12-year-old sister might be menstruating. He connected it with sex. The honor of the family should be attached to it. Then that menstruation became the cause of torture on the girl.

The torture took the girl’s life. When there is violence against a woman, there are many reasons for it.

The police arrested the brother and registered a case. But in this case, there is a frequent discussion about the lack of information about menstruation.

In today’s age, it may seem surprising that boys do not know about menstruation, but the truth is that many men do not know about menstruation.

Why shouldn’t those men be married? Many men understand the same meaning of women’s blood. For them, bleeding from a woman’s body is only sexual intercourse.

It is well known that if there is no complete knowledge about menstruation, there will be no complete knowledge about the problems arising from it.

Menstruation is not a disease

Do men know that menstruation is a natural biological process?

This is normal. This is not a disease. Most women menstruate once a month. It runs as a cycle. This cycle is an average of 28 days.

Menstruation can happen anytime from 21 to 35 days. During menstruation, blood comes out from inside the uterus.

The onset of menstruation means that a woman’s body is starting the process of preparing for pregnancy.

It also provides information about the hormonal changes in a woman’s body.

Women’s lives amid various illusions

There are various types of confusion in our society regarding this natural menstruation. There are also many such practices that put women’s lives at risk.

In many societies and religions, women are considered impure during menstruation.

So they should stay away from worship. Festivals, fasts etc. do not qualify for rituals called ‘sacred’. You should stay away from such occasions.

Talking about menstruation does not mean talking about ‘pads’

Boys consider this important matter of women’s life a secret. However, due to the publicity on television and the growing discussion about menstruation in the past, awareness has definitely increased. This awareness has increased due to the market.

This awareness is limited to the scope of sanitary pads. In other words, special attention should be paid to cleanliness during menstruation. Don’t use whatever you get. Pads should be used.

But the matter is not limited here. This is a topic related to reproductive and sexual health of teenagers, young women and women. Every month for years, it tries to bind their lives in a particular circle.

What do men know about women’s reproductive and sexual health?

Does the man know? How is 6-7 days in a woman’s life every month? If you don’t know, you need to know.

Without it, we would not be able to understand the nature or state of mind of our siblings, nor any friends or life partners.

These few days of every month make us realize that women have that power, which we men (no matter how masculine we may appear to be) do not have.

On those days, an internal process takes place in his body. This process does not make him impure. So we should not take risks with him.

Menstruation means many changes in the body and mind

Before this process begins, a girl or woman undergoes many changes. This can be called a premenstrual problem.

In English it is called PMS ie pre-menstrual syndrome. It changes the body along with the mind.

Medical science says that these changes can be of 200 types. The ups and downs of the mind are immense. The mood of the girls goes up and down. Irritability increases.

I want to cry about everything. Stress and anxiety prevail. No sleep. Headache, fatigue. Sexual desire increases and decreases.

The body also hurts but less than the mind. There may be medicine for the pain of the body, but what about the mind? It needs support from the heart.

So it is important to know those days

Not every girl or woman has all these symptoms. That is why it is very important for us teenagers or men to know and understand about these days of teenagers or women in our house.

Only when men know about those days will they be able to judge their behavior and mood at that time.

Accordingly, we should change our behavior.

What if men do not realize those changes and change themselves accordingly?

We must remember that these changes are not the result of the normal daily behavior of the adolescent. It is related to the cycle of nature.

Every month we have to decide how and to what extent we can help mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, spouses to deal with the changes caused by this cycle of nature.

If we men understand or ignore their mood and their words on these special days, rest assured, we men will prove to be one of the best human beings in the world.

So what do boys do during menstruation?

Let us focus on women these days. Understand them sensitively. Help them live with it and live like everyday.

Perhaps nature has determined this work for us boys. It is not a matter of sealing in black polythene. Not impure. There is no need to be afraid. The disease is not getting worse.

Why is it important for men to know about menstruation? 1Yes, if a girl or a woman has any problem due to menstruation, if she wants to rest or does not want to do stove or other household work, help her to rest.

Let him rest where he belongs, not in a corner of the house. Take care of his diet.

To do all this, we boys have to do the household chores left in the hands of women.

Take care of their nature especially at this time. Build some endurance. Otherwise, sometimes things go wrong unintentionally.

If we know about this, we will learn to ignore them. For this reason, it is advocated that working women should be given leave during menstruation.

What should also be remembered here is that menstruation is not just an issue of hygiene or pads. It is much bigger than that. Are we men ready to help women during menstruation?


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