Why is Katrina arguing with the media?

Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif is rarely seen in the media these days. After her marriage to actor Vicky Kaushal, her public appearances are rare. Recently, Katrina took the opportunity of Eid to attend a party at Aayush Sharma and Arpita Khan’s house. Where the media discussed that Katrina is pregnant. However, her lack of public presence is not due to pregnancy or private life issues. She is rarely seen in the media due to professional reasons.

Katrina’s less public appearances are not due to pregnancy but to the film ‘Tiger 3’. In which she has once again shared the screen with actor Salman Khan. The makers are trying to create curiosity among the general audience about the film ‘Tiger 3’.

They want to spread a new craze among the audience with ‘Tiger 3’ like ‘Pathan’. This is why Katrina herself is reducing her appearance in public.

She has worked hard for ‘Tiger 3’. Katrina’s last film ‘Phonebhoot’ failed at the box office. That’s why she is thinking of leaving no stone unturned to leave her impression on the audience.


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