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Why obesity increase

Unorganized eating and luxurious life is becoming the cause of obesity. Thus obesity increases the accumulation of excess fat in the body and the blood vessels become narrower. The biggest disadvantage of this type of obesity is the fear of possible disease.

Why does obesity increase?

The main reason for the increase in obesity is the wrong lifestyle and diet. However, in some cases, hereditary factors also increase obesity.

In some cases, obesity is also increased due to diseases including thyroid, while in some cases, taking medicine also increases obesity.

How to reduce obesity?

1. Some people eat less to reduce obesity, but eating less does not reduce obesity. Instead, eating healthy and nutritious food can reduce obesity.

2. Another way to reduce obesity is to eat more fruits and vegetables than carbohydrates. These foods replenish the body’s essential nutrients and reduce obesity.

3. Whenever possible you should have junk food, processed foods, and greasy foods in the market.

4. Eating once or twice a day does not reduce obesity. Instead, it is best to eat small meals 4/5 times a day. Obesity increases with too much food at once.

5. Starchy, fried, spicy foods are the factors that increase obesity. Therefore, boiled food should be consumed instead of such food.

6. Obesity is reduced by eating boiled vegetables, its juice, fruits or salads.

7. In daily life we ​​have to do compulsory physical work or exercise.

8. Getting up early in the morning, going to bed early in the evening, not staying up late at night also reduces obesity.

9. Obesity is also reduced by doing physical activities that do not stay in one place for a long time.

10. Consumption of alcohol and snacks during alcoholism also increases obesity.


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