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Why the question arises over Hamal’s title of ‘superhero’?

Rajesh Hamal’s craze in the Nepali film industry is greedy. Even though the movies starring Hamal have been failing in recent times, the audience used to come to the hall even when his head was put on a poster a few years ago.

Hamal’s films have started doing weak business after the attraction of viewers in multiplexes started increasing in Nepal. Similarly, after the audience’s interest in the film changed, Hamal also became weak.

The Film Technical Association gave the title of ‘Mahanayak’ to Nayak Hamal. At the same time, the media started calling Hamal a ‘superhero’.
However, this nickname given to Nayak Hamal has always been in controversy. Apart from working in films, Hamal has also been accused of not playing a leading role in the film industry.

The film industry has been criticized for not moving forward at a time when the situation is difficult. However, the general public considers Hamal a ‘superhero’. Because, Hamal’s personality, his contribution to the film industry, looking at his reputation, Hamal’s stature is high in the film industry.

Even if Hamal’s film only puts his head on the poster, the producer has not lost. The movie starring the now expensive stars had incurred a loss of lakhs and the producers had grown fat from Hamal’s movie. Hamal’s films told the story of the poor and the miserable. That’s why the audience applauded when he appeared on the screen. Nowadays, whether Hamal plays a movie or not, it is said that others have not been able to create a craze like his.

Recently, director Deepashree Niraula has questioned the title of Nayak Hamal. Now, this video of Deepa is being discussed on social media. At the same time, he is being criticized.

In an interview with journalist Prakash Subedi, Deepa asked, “Is Rajesh Hamal a superhero?” Deepa has said that Rajesh Hamal was in the film industry some time ago but he is not there now.

Deepa argues that Hamal’s presence is weak when the film industry needs him. She also criticized the public and filmmakers for being busy making tickets at a time when they are expecting support and cooperation.

Even before Deepa, some artists had expressed dissatisfaction with the nickname given to Rajesh Hamal.


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