Why wear a coral garland?

Coral is considered as a symbol of happiness and prosperity. Wearing a coral garland will bring happiness and prosperity as well as wealth. It is believed that Biram will also recover from this. The ability to fight disease is acquired and negative or inauspicious forces do not cause suffering. You can also chant with coral beads. But it is necessary to take some precautions while wearing this garland.

Who can wear it?

Memory is weak. Children’s education is poor. Children do not agree to speak. Mercury, the planet of wisdom is weak in Kundali, and Jupiter, the planet of knowledge is weak, if you wear a coral garland, you will get benefits. But before wearing the garland, worship at the Hanuman temple should be mandatory.

Coral necklace will increase confidence:

  • You will be able to chant the mantras of Hanuman and Shri Ram from coral garlands.
  • If a married woman wears a coral garland, her husband’s health will be good.
  • If you wear this garland, all the troubles will be averted and Lord Hanuman will protect the family from all corners of the world.
  • When to wear coral garland?

Tulsi garland can be made in red thread along with coral garland.

  • This garland should be worn on Tuesday.
  • Before wearing the garland, Hanuman, Shiva, and Shri Ram should be worshipped.
  • Wearing a coral necklace does not look bad. All kinds of happiness will be attained.
  • It should be worn only after washing it with Ganga water, showing incense, and lamp.
  • Do not consume meat and alcohol while wearing a coral garland. In addition, you are not allowed to tell lies.


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