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Women status

Female is always being dominated by male society. In our society men hold primary power and predominate in roles of political leadership, moral authority, social privilege and control of property. females are only for household work and for child production to men. specially girls, are considered to be of the lowest status in the household, they are often the last to eat and thus do not receive the proper nutrition required. women often have to face to both public and domestic violence which constitutes rape, sexual abuse in the workplace and at home, and human trafficking. Directly or indirectly women have to leave life in fear ;outside of home fear of being rape and harassment ,inside of home fear of domestic violence.

In city areas nowadays concept is being changing with feeling of equality. Women leadership is increasing in every sector. Except household work women are aware about the subject of independence ,right ,equality and freedom participation of women in elections, public leadership, and decision-making along with improved rights and security. Thinking of people is being wider and more in equality .education is in the higher priority in city areas. Women are being able to raise voice against the violence ,domination and fight for their rights. But the fact is women have less participation on governmental and non- governmental sector. There is always the cost the women pay is very high in comparison to men in any situation. However, the contribution of women always neglected.

In rural areas women is facing a lot of problems like early and forced marriage, and rape and domestic violence, including dowry-related deaths, remains a serious problem. Women are compelled to tolerate the domestic violence because they aren’t self dependent. Having no rights over parental property and lacking job opportunities, women are forced to endure the violence silently. Women’s work is confined to the household. Education is not a priority rather than service to males and other family members.
However , women have already opened the door to achieve the destinations of their entire freedom and rights along with their responsibility. women lack the power to contribute significantly even within these roles as most of the resources are controlled by their male colleagues. women experiencing violence number is high than non experience. Not only city area government should focus rural areas women and empower them. To develop country fully gender equality and women empowerment is essential equipment.