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World Cup 1970: The beginning of modernity in football.

30 October, Kathmandu. The North American country got the right to host the World Cup for the first time. It was the first World Cup where all 6 continents were represented. In this sense, the real world cup started from here.

FIFA allocated quotas to Africa and Asia. This was their long-standing demand. El Salvador, Israel and Morocco were selected for the tournament for the first time.

Morocco and Israel were placed in different groups, keeping political bitterness and possible boycott in mind.

This world cup is the beginning of modernity in football. The use of yellow and red cards started from this version. From this version, the system of substitution was started in the game. At that time, a team could substitute two players at most in one match.

The official match ball was used for the first time in the World Cup. The matchball, named Telstar, was produced by the Adidas company.

The competition was extended to five cities in Mexico. The final match was held at the Stadium Azteca in the capital, Mexico City. The audience capacity of that stadium is 1 lakh. However, the official data shows that 1 lakh 7 thousand 412 people attended the final.

Geoff Hurst: The only player to score a hat-trick in a World Cup final
Due to its high scoring game and aggressive style, the Brazil team was considered the greatest team in history in the 1970 World Cup. Brazil team won all 6 matches and scored 19 goals when they won the World Cup title for the third time in 12 years.

It was Pele’s last World Cup. He was able to leave his mark of greatness in the final. He scored the first goal for Brazil and assisted the third and fourth goals. Brazil won the title by beating Italy 4-1.

After winning three World Cups, Brazil got to keep the Jules Remit Trophy. A new trophy (now) was created for the 1974 World Cup.

This World Cup was broadcasted live on color screen for the first time. Every World Cup match was watched by an average of 50,000 people. It is called the greatest edition of the World Cup because this time Brazil won the World Cup for the third time and Pele, the greatest of the century, played for the last time.

Brazil’s Jairjinho was given the nickname of ‘World Cup Hurricane’. He scored goals in all the matches played by Brazil including himself.

The World Cup matches were broadcast at midday in the hot summer of Mexico in order to broadcast live in the convenient time of Europe.


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