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Worship Lord Shiva on Monday (with Mantra).

Kathmandu – Monday is dedicated to Lord Shiva according to Hindu tradition. It is believed that all times are considered auspicious for the devotion of Lord Shiva. If worshiped with a pure heart, Shiva is pleased with his devotee.

The fast observed on Monday is known as Someshwar Vrat. It has its own religious significance. Moon is also worshiped on this day.

Also the god of destruction
Where on the one hand Lord Shiva is called Bhole Nath and is called the protector of the world. That is why he is also considered as the god of destruction. Lord Shiva is famous for both his gentle appearance and ruddy appearance. Shiva is considered different from other gods.

Shiva is the lord of origin, status and destruction of creation. In Tridev, Lord Shiva is considered as the god of destruction. Shiva is eternal and the original source of the creation process. His kala and mahakala forms are the basis of astrology. Although the meaning of Shiva is considered to be benevolent, he has always kept both rhythm and destruction under his control.

Effect of Name of Shiva:

Remembering the following names of Lord Shiva while worshiping him on Monday gives relief from worldly troubles and mental stress. These names are as follows.

Om Aghoraya Namah

Om Sharvay Namah

Om Virupakshaya Namah

Om Vishwarupine Namah

Om Trimbakaya Namah

Oom Kapardine Namah

Om Bhairavai Namah

Om Shulpanaye Namah

Oh Ishanaya Namah

Om Maheshwara Namah

Shiva worship method

For Monday Shiva Pujan, take a bath in the morning and become pure by retiring from daily activities. After that go to the house temple or any Shiva temple and offer Gangajal or holy water to Mother Parvati and Nandi along with Lord Shiva. After offering water, offer sandalwood, rice, bela leaf, white flowers and dhatura to the Shivling. To complete the pooja, offer ghee and sugar to Lord Shiva and perform aarti with incense and lamp.


Om Namah Shivaay,

Namah Shivay Shubham Shubham Kuru Kuru Shivay Namah

Unnamo Neelkanthaya

Om Parvatipatye Namah

Om pashupataye namah


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