Worship Lord Vishnu and Jupiter

On Thursdays, the Guru of Gods Brihaspati and Lord Sri Hari Vishnu is worshipped. If you fast on this day, you will get wealth, sons, and knowledge. Wearing yellow clothes and donating yellow items will bring good fortune. Also, Vishnu’s wife Lakshmi is also worshiped on this day. This fast should be started on the first Thursday of Shukla paksha. It is considered extremely auspicious if Anuradha Nakshatra falls on that day.

How do worship?

Wearing yellow clothes after taking bath in the morning. Then mix yellow flowers and sandalwood together to make Prasad. Offer this prasad to God and worship him. Lord Vishnu will be pleased with this and his blessings will always be in your home.

It is believed that this fast should be observed for 13 months or at least 7 months. On the day of fasting, one should be pure and wear yellow clothes and chant the mantra ‘Om Gurve Namah’ at least five times. It is customary to worship the banana tree while observing a fast on Thursday. If you donate yellow sandalwood, gram dal, an umbrella, and laddu as sweets during the puja, you will get benefits. A pinch of salt should be added while eating.

According to legend, there was a Pratapi and Dani king. His palace had enormous wealth. He used to fast and do good deeds every Thursday. But Rani did not do anything like that. The queen did not support the religious activities performed by the king. She used to worry that she had to do a lot of work because of the wealth accumulated in the palace.

One day, Guru Brihaspati came to his palace in the form of a sadhu. At that time the king went to the forest to play hunting. The queen saw the sadhu and asked him to end the wealth and splendor in her palace. Guru Brihaspati, who has assumed the form of a monk, also teaches to fulfill the desire of the queen to do destructive actions rather than fruitful ones. The Queen does the same on Thursdays.

All the splendor of the palace ends. After suffering, the king goes abroad for work. A day will come when even the queens in the palace will have to starve. Amidst this grief, the queen reaches out to her sister for help.

Sister advises them to fast on Thursday to get wealth. Then Rani and her maids start fasting on Thursdays. Since the fast starts, wealth starts accumulating in the palace again. Happiness begins to flow in the palace. The king who went abroad also comes back. Therefore, it is believed that if you fast on Thursday, you will get wealth and prosperity.


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