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Best chocolates in Nepal

Best chocolates in Nepal, There is hardly anyone who does not fall in love with the taste of chocolate. Also, children get excited when they say chocolate. There are various flavors and brands of chocolate available in the market now. There are many chocolate manufacturing industries in the country. Which has its own distinct taste and distinct characteristics.

Although many chocolates are imported, recently Nepali chocolate brands are winning the hearts of customers in the market. Some of these Best chocolates in Nepal, brands are discussed here.

here are the Best chocolates in Nepal 2023

Chaichai Confectionery

Chaichai Confectionery is the brainchild of Sharmila Shrestha. She started a business to utilize her free time. Launched in 2021, ‘Chaichai Confectionery’ now has more than five flavors of chocolate including Bonbon, Caramel and Lemon Fruit.

Muon Chocolate

Among the local chocolate brands, Muon Chocolate is also preferred. Muon has a variety of chocolates, which not only taste but also have different colors. In which light dark, semi-dark to white chocolates are easily found in the market. Similarly, making chocolate made from oats is another specialty of it. The producer claims that oats chocolate also helps to maintain the body’s stamina.

Oatmeal chocolate is especially beneficial when going on a hike. Also, muon chocolate can be a great choice for events like birthdays and anniversaries.

Yeju Chocolate Nepal

In 2020, Yeju Chocolate Nepal, which introduced three types of chocolates, now has 20 types of products. The price of which ranges from 30 rupees to 400 rupees.

The Chocolate Garden

The Chocolate Garden has mouth-watering chocolates. A wide range of flavors are found at The Chocolate Garden. Apart from chocolates, cakes are also available at The Chocolate Garden. To celebrate any of life’s joyous moments, one can order both chocolates and cakes at once from Chocolate Garden. Its products, which are full of taste and attractive in appearance, are the choice of many people.

Chocolate from Nanas Delight

Nana’s Delight bakes interesting chocolates, including sweet dark chocolate with orange peel, roasted almonds and Himalayan pink salt, Himalayan goriz berry and more.

Its special feature is the packing style. The chocolate is also wrapped in an attractive manner with elaborate designs.

Columbus Chocolate

Columbus Chocolate is another famous local chocolate brand. Some of its popular chocolates like White Chocolate, Himalayan Delight, Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate are no different from the must-try chocolates. These chocolates are not only tasty but also considered healthy. Columbus Chocolates also has combo offers, where different types of chocolates are available in one packet.

Bake the rabbit

Kharayo Bake brand gourmet brownie chocolates are very popular. Kharyo Bakes has also introduced energy bars, truffles, chocolate slabs and choco balls. Its products come in two boxes, one full box which costs Rs 1,350 and the other comes in a small box which costs Rs 750. Customers can order from its Instagram and Facebook pages.

A large box of Bunny Bakes contains brownies with a choice of 6 toppings including Coffee Fudge and Coffee Beans, Nutty Nuts, Oh Oh Oreo, Coconut Lamington, White Chocolate and Pink, Peanut Butter, Caramel and Sischem, Twisted and Little Hearts. Its specialty is also an eggless brownie for pure indulgence.

Agile Chocolate

Agile Chocolates is an online chocolate store, which offers homemade chocolates in milk, almond, cookie and cream, nut, caramel and coffee flavors. Here, fresh chocolate is made for each order, so you have to order the chocolate of your choice two days in advance.

Bliss Balls

Bliss Balls, a Nepali brand, makes and sells four types of handmade round diet balls made from dried fruits and nuts. The company claims that it is healthy because it does not use processed sugar.

Bliss Balls chocolates are available in four flavors. Bliss Balls Original, Choco Blaze, Pistachio Punch and Twist. The price of these chocolates ranges from 3,900 to 3,690 rupees per 200 grams and 690 to 890 rupees per kilogram.


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