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This is the most expensive commodity in the world, the value of one gram is 500 trillion!

What is the most expensive thing in the world? You may find diamonds, cobalt, platinum etc. But, there is such an expensive thing in this world that it is hard for you to imagine. This thing is so rare that a village is worth hundreds of trillions of rupees.

The name of the most expensive thing in the world, which costs around Rs. 500 trillion per gram, is antimatter. So many expensive items are used for space related work.

It is used in the production of fuel for spacecraft and rockets. Antimatter is a special type of object that is made up of positrons, anti-protons and anti-neutrons.

NASA has also confirmed that antimatter is the most expensive item in the world. This antimatter was first produced at the CERN Lab on the border between France and Switzerland.


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