The trailer of Karisma and Saroj’s film ‘Baagan’ has been released

The trailer of the film ‘Bagan’ directed by actor Saroj Khanal has been released. The trailer of the Nepali movie ‘Bagan’ was released by organizing an event in Kathmandu on Wednesday.

The struggles, social conflicts, desires and responsibilities of a single mother in public have been shown. Karisma Manandhar, who plays the role of mother, and Pramila Karki, who plays the role of daughter in the trailer, have garnered appreciation.

Both of them were congratulated after the trailer was shown at the event. In the trailer, actor and director Saroj Khanal is shown as the character who falls in love with Karishma. Actor Akash Shrestha has been cast as actress Karki’s boyfriend. Actor Neer Shah has been kept as a character with an archaic mindset, while actresses Bashundhara Bhusal and Mithila Sharma have also been included in the trailer.

‘I remembered the days of my mother’s struggle to realize this character. When I was a child, I took my sister after she left home, the struggle made us stronger’, actress Manandhar said, ‘It shows the responsibility of a single mother towards children, family and society. In a way, we have shown the life of a single mother.’

Speaking at the event, actress Karki responded that she was able to bring the role to life on screen with the help of senior actors. She said, ‘Even the more experienced and older artists made me feel comfortable. It shows my nature which matches with my real life. I am in a character that is close to my personal life in a way.’

Speaking at the event, director and actor Khanal said that there are about 1.5 million single mothers in Nepal, so that everyone can watch this movie for free. He said, ‘Today we are honoring six single mothers as representative characters. Not forgetting all the single mothers in Nepal, we have decided to show the movie for free.’

Representing single mothers, Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives Indira Rana, former Bagmati Province Chief and Chairman of Maiti Nepal and CNN Hero Anuradha Koirala, Koshi Province Assembly Member Meena Shrestha, journalist Babita Basnet, actress Karisma Manandhar’s mother Komal Kumari KC and actress Pooja Sharma’s mother Durga Sapkota were honored in the event. was provided. Nepal’s first actress Bhuvan Chand, first color film actress Chaityadevi Singh, Nepal’s first comedian Bashundhara Bhushal and actress Karishma Manandhar presented the honour.

Along with director Khanal and Karisma, Neer Shah, Bashundhara Bhushal, Mithila Sharma, Pramila Karki, Akash Shrestha and other actors have acted in ‘Baagan’. Produced by lyricist Suresh Wagle and based on a story by Swapnil Nirav, the film is directed by Gauri Shankar Dhuju, cinematography by Utsav Dahal and Narayan Jisi, editing by Sandesh Shah, VFX by Sameer Miyan. And Rhenish Fago has combined the colors. The distribution of the movie for screening is done by Rich Entertainment and DCN in Kathmandu Valley and FD Company in Mofusal.


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