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Ghyampe danda becoming a tourist attraction

The Ghyampedanda Ranikot area of ​​Suryabinayak Municipality, Gundu, which was covered up till a few years ago, has recently become a tourist attraction. The local, state and federal governments are engaged in the excavation, protection and reconstruction of the historical and archeological heritage in the region as the number of domestic tourists is increasinGhyampedanda in Suryabinayak Municipality-7 is going to be built in the course of preserving historical and traditional heritage. On Sunday, the chief of the municipality, Basudev Thapa, laid the foundation stone for the construction of Ghyampo. He said that the municipality is traditionally setting up Ghyampo in Ghyampedanda after the disappearance of Ghyampo. Even though it is known as Ghyampedanda, when there is no Ghyampo, do the tourists who come here eat Ghyampo? After asking that, the locals donated Rs. 500,000 and the municipality paid Rs. He said that they are going to give identity as per the name by investing Rs.

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Mayor Thapa said, “Suryabinayak municipality area has a lot of potential from religious, cultural, archeological and tourist point of view, so the municipality is working to find and revive the lost history. We are demanding the government to declare this area as a tourist area.” Ward Chairman of Ward No. 7, Rabindra Sapkota, said that Panchat has formed a consumer committee to build a big ghyampo in the upper chowk with five big steps in the style of a temple. The lights will be connected around it in an attractive way even at night.

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Local senior citizen Kamad Bahadur Tamang, 87, said that he was happy that the identity of Ghyampedanda was finally revealed. He said that the residents of Ryale VDC, Ranikot, Ghyampedanda and other places used to go to the district headquarters Bhaktapur Bazaar through this road many years ago to buy necessary items and carry heavy loads to quench their thirst.

According to the locals, the existence of Ghyampo is disappearing as the use of this road is decreasing with the development. According to Tamang, the locals have been digging the road from Suryabinayak to Ghyampedanda Ranikot for months with the help of rice, flour and other food items provided by the government. At present, the road from Suryabinayak to Ranikot via Ghyampedanda has been paved with the budget of the local, state and federal governments.Ghyampe danda becoming a tourist attraction 3

Motorways have reached places where it is difficult to walk, bridges have been built across every river and deserted places have become tourist destinations. The road from Gundu Bus Park to Ghyampedanda will also be paved this year at a cost of Rs. The Balkumari-Panauti road section, which is being constructed at a cost of Rs 400 million, will also pass through this area.

As it is becoming a tourist destination, 10 hotels from Ghyampedanda to Ranikot have come into operation, while construction of other hotels is underway.


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