Samantha makes her Hollywood debut in “Chennai Story”

Samantha Ruth Prabhu, a South Indian actress who became famous for the song “U Antava” from the movie “Pushpa,” is achieving new heights of success every day. She and Varun Dhawan are currently filming in Serbia for “Citadel,” the Indian adaptation of Priyanka Chopra’s web series of the same name. For fans of Samantha, there is now more good news. To put it another way, Samantha has landed her first Hollywood movie. She will shortly begin filming for the Hollywood production “Chennai Story.” After finishing the “Citadel” web series, Samantha will reportedly begin filming her first English-language feature film with actor Vivek Kalra. The movie is being directed by Bafta-winning director Philip John and is based on the book “The Management.”


Samantha makes her Hollywood debut in "Chennai Story" 2

The movie is about a South Asian Welshman (Vivek Kalra) who travels to Chennai to play his father’s part. In the meantime, Samantha Ruth Pruve, playing a detective, requests assistance. The movie, which is based on a rom-com story, honors both Eastern and Western cultures. Also discussed are the differences between the two cultures. In addition to this, love will be portrayed. Chennai, India as well as the UK will be used for filming. Both Tamil and English versions of it are anticipated to be released. In addition to this, Samantha has a movie called “Kushi” in which Vijay Deverakonda also stars. This movie will debut on September 1.

Samantha makes her Hollywood debut in "Chennai Story" 3



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